How often have you seen a Trenchless Technology tender and specification that may be technically sound however is totally impractical on site? Once a tender is closed and the asset owner realises their budget is inadequate instead of the asset owner asking:

“Why are the contractors tender prices so far above our budget?”

Maybe the question should be asked:

“Who compiled the budget?”

In most cases the budget has been compiled by a civil engineer, either in house for the asset owner or through an external consulting firm. Quite often the clients engineer or consulting firm has very little knowledge of the Trenchless Industry, the technologies capabilities and the risks and costs involved causing project budgets to be unrealistic.

JTP Consulting uses extensive estimating modules that are custom built for the trenchless industry taking into account contractor’s margins, schedules and risk factors. The estimates are compiled by an independent contractor ensuring they will be close to the prices offered by contractors in a competitive tender situation.

The company provides competent and knowledgeable technical evaluations together with the practical field knowledge of JTP Consulting in-house staff. This combination ensures projects are assessed using proven and accepted engineering parameters together with sound practical knowledge and risk assessments.

At JTP we have strong working relationships with specialist Trenchless Technology individuals, other consulting companies and geo-technical companies that can provide the technical input required to assess and plan a  pipeline installation project utilising trenchless technology.