Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) Directional drilling is used mainly for the installation of pressure pipes (gas, water mains and pressure sewer systems), cables and underground conduits. Recent technology developments in steering systems provide sufficient accuracy for gravity sewer installation at smaller diameters, depending on ground conditions.

Mini and midi rigs are used to install pipes and cables in urban areas along footpaths and roads and crossing existing transport infrastructure. JTP Consulting can provide drilling contractors with systems that assist undertaking the works with minimum risk of damaging existing infrastructure. Jim Perry was one of the first people to utilise mini directional drills in Australia during the first broadband cable TV rollout. He imported four rock capable American Auger DD25 directional drills and installed tens of thousands of metres of cable.

Larger projects using maxi-rigs require extensive care in planning for a successful project completion. This requires accurate meaningful  geotechnical information that has a huge influence on design, engineering,  methodolgies  and the appropriate equipment. Our team provides this capability to owners and their engineers so that they can evaluate contractors’ proposals and methods to ensure that projects are completed using the most suitable techniques. Asset owners also require a level of confidence that the company they are about to award a project to have the appropriate equipment and experience to complete the works.

horizontal directional drilling
horizontal directional drilling

Longer crossings, most commonly under rivers and highly congested areas, require significant experienced engineering and design input to complement the experience of the contractors who specialise in this field. Risk management and effective estimating and cost control systems are paramount in large crossing projects and we have extensive experience in providing these systems and accompanying contract documentation.

Jim Perry  spent five years in the Australian and overseas markets managing and project managing many large HDD projects for oil and gas pipelines, telecommunication systems and shore landing projects.