QA/OHS and E

In our current working environment quite often the easiest component of a project is the actual completion of the bore and the insertion of the product pipe.

In this industry numerous projects are driven by paperwork, pre-tender, post tender, during construction, on completion and handover. Drilling contractors generate their profits by installing pipe in the ground and therefore look on the associated paperwork as being superfluous to generating their income. Quite the contrary, on the majority of projects accurate record keeping and the associated safety systems are paramount to not just the successful completion of the project but are also related to being paid for the completed works and variations.

JTP Consulting can provide a custom built extensive OHS&E system that directly relates to the Trenchless Technology Industry. This system is currently ISO accredited for Quality, Safety and Environmental. Our system will satisfy, and in many cases exceed, the requirements of the drilling Contractor’s major clients yet at the same time is field operation friendly.

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